Citrus Ombré Tart


  • 1 9” tart, set and chilled
  • Assorted citrus fruits (we used grapefruit, ruby red grapefruit, Valencia oranges, cara cara oranges, and blood oranges)


  1. Using a very sharp knife, cut the ends off of one of the citrus fruits, then stand it up one side.
  2. Carefully cut off the peel, following the contour of the fruit with the knife. Be sure to remove all of the white pith, then slice into ¼” thick rounds. Repeat with remaining citrus.
  3. On a baking sheet, match the citrus by color and sort them into groups from lightest color to darkest color.
  4. Starting with the lightest color, tile the rounds of citrus on the top edge of the tart, then repeat with the remaining colors.

Base Recipe adapted from this SITE

Citrus Ombré Tart
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